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Monday, December 17, 2012

The problem when things are broken...

This weekend, I was in game, finishing my dailies on Saturday, as well as capping out on valor.  I was super excited because this is the earliest in the week I have ever capped out my valor.  I started for the first time Since Mists of Pandaria dropped, to think about what alt I would like to play the rest of the week.  Once I valor capped, I logged off, so that my wife could use the computer.  While she was doing the stuff she needed to, I finally decided to level my priest from 85-90 (or atleast start this weekend), mainly because he can disenchant, and I could use the mats.

When my wife finished, she shut the computer down and went back to taking care of our baby.  When I turned the computer back on to get going with my priest, the computer turned on, but the monitor stayed in sleep mode.  Thinking maybe a connection was loose, I checked all the
connections.  Nothing there.  Then I thought maybe the monitor was dead so I hooked it up to my tv (only other monitor I had to test the connection).  Nothing there.  Then I searched online, and got either no information, or so much information that who knows what to do with it.  Nothing there.  About this time, I gave up, determined to look for a fix on Sunday.

I still have a couple aces up my sleeve, but it is looking more and more unlikely that I will be able to get my computer running again.  Also, money is tight, so it is going to be a while before I can afford a new one, and so now I sit, playing the waiting game, and feeling guilty, because this will likely affect my guild's progress negatively (not because I am irreplaceable, but because my replacement is seriously undergeared).

With all the extra time I now had in the weekend, I started thinking about my Monk, and how much I would miss playing him. (My wife was secretly happy...a break from the raiding schedule)  Then I thought of the gambit of emotions I went through post 5.1.  More then a few times I referred to my class as broken, both in this blog and with people I talked to about it.  And to a certain degree, he is, but he is still playable, and my performance didn't drop so much as to necessitate replacing me.  I just gotta try harder, and be a little better.

Hopefully I can get my computer running, even if not well, because I can deal with broken, as long as it is functionable...

P.S.  If I can't get my computer fixed, then this blog might be taking a little vacation until I can get a new one.


  1. Ack! Hope you'll get your comp working again soon!

  2. Thanks, I have some ideas on what to do, so I hope it won't be more then a couple weeks.

  3. Update...Had a very tech savvy friend look at it, and we were able to get it fixed, so I am back in the game.